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Library Procedures

Library Procedures

Weekly Library Visits

Students in grades TK – 5th visit the library weekly for 30 minutes; 6th – 8th grade visits are more flexible and scheduled as needed. In addition, teachers of any grade have the option to sign-up for extra visits as needed.

Library time is used to introduce the library and its world of books to students and allow them to learn how to navigate a library when finding a book or using its resources. Students will also be able to exchange library books during their weekly scheduled time, or may visit during “open” times with a pass from their teacher.



In order to check-out a book at Pioneer, students must have 0 overdue books from any TRUSD school.

K – 6th are checked out for 1 week; 7th – 8th are checked out for 2 weeks

~Kinder – Beginning in January, students check out 1 book, kept in the classroom

~1st grade – Students check out 1 book, kept in the classroom

~2nd grade – Students check out 1-2 books, taken home with teacher permission

~3rd – 8th grade – Students check out 2 books


Book Renew

Students in grades 2nd – 8th are allowed 1 week renewal of chapter books. Books must be renewed in person and no overdue books on the account.


Book Hold

If a book is checked out, a student may place the book on hold. When the book is returned, it will be saved for 2 weeks for pick-up before being returned to the shelf. Each student in grades 2nd – 8th are allowed 2 waiting holds at any given time.


Parent Check-out

Parents are welcome to set up an account in the library. Parents are allowed up to 3 books, and books are checked out for a 3 week period. Overdue books are transferred to the child’s account at the end of the year - Books overdue a month or later could prevent child check-out privileges during the school year.


Overdue books

Students will begin receiving paper notices the second week a book is overdue – phone calls will begin after a student has received 4 notices. Notices will indicate the book title and the cost of the book. It is the responsibility of the student to return the book or pay the amount listed (exact change or money order – no checks). If a family cannot afford the cost of a book, they can speak to the library tech to work out a payment plan. Report cards will be held at the end of the year for overdue books on a student’s library account. As well, promotion certificates will be withheld from 8th graders and they may not be allowed to ‘walk’ in the promotion ceremony.

Extra Library Programs

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things happening through the day/year so students can get involved in their library.


Student Library Helpers – Students in grades 4th and higher can ‘apply’ to be a library helper. Library helpers are expected to come in during recess to assist the library tech in running the library. Jobs can include anything from putting away books to keeping supplies in order, helping students find books to helping with the box tops and book fair programs.


Book Fair student crew – Pioneer has 3 book fairs scheduled throughout the year. This is a great time for parents to volunteer in the library. As well, students in grades 4th and higher can sign up to help. The student crew assists parent volunteers in helping students find books to purchase during the fair during recess and after school.


Library book club – Grades 3rd – 6th meet twice a week while grades 7th-8th meet once a week during lunch. After getting their lunch from the cafeteria, students meet in the library to read and discuss books. Books to be discussed include nominees for CYRM (California Young Reader Medal) as well as other books of interest to the group. This is a volunteer group and limited only to the number of chairs in the library.

Library Fundraisers

The library holds two main fundraisers throughout the year.


Scholastic Book Fair – Scholastic sends books to the school to sell in the library. The library then keeps up to 50% of the profit as students purchase books for their home library. Book fairs for the 2016-2017 school year are scheduled for September, February/March, and May. Watch for more info to come on these events.


Box Tops for Education – Our school is collecting box tops, found on various food packages as well as other select products. Each box top is worth 10*. There are monthly contests as well as trimester contests throughout the school year. The big deadlines are in October and March – this is when we have to send in box tops to receive a check.